Contest Rules:

  1. The map must be from 1 to 2 levels only, and must be fully merged.
  2. The map must have its own story line, which can be an extension to the EMR story, or unique onto itself.
  3. If the map is based upon an existing EMR map, it must be made unique (however subtle), and the story line must be completely independent of the EMR story line.
  4. The map must be playable in single player mode, but can support co-op or net play as well.
  5. The map must be playable with the existing EMR 3.0 data files.

  • You may use Lua and MML at your heart's content (optional)
  • You may use any of the EMR hi-res texture replacements, and any of the sounds in the "Cavern", but you may not introduce any new textures or sounds.
  • If you have cool ideas on what you would like to do, but are not sure how to use MML and/or Lua to do it, feel free to ask questions on the MMMG mailing list.