Special Thanks:

Aleph One Developers for Aleph One
Charles Lechasseur for Wail
Loren Petrich for initial EMR MML
Kirill Levchenko for Chisel
Mike Trinder for Chisel Plugins
Mike Benonis for Cranberry
Mantis' Hymn by Norihiko Hibino
Oni Music by Martin O'Donnel
O'Fortuna by Carmina Burana
Santa Fe theme by Alexander Seropian and revised by Mark Sumner
Various midi tracks provided by Robert Stever and converted to MP3 by Bill Catambay
Hazel Valera collaborated with Bill Catambay in creating World of Hazelle
Bob Chamot collaborated with Bill Catambay in creating the EMR Ending music
Bungie for Forge and Anvil
Hamish Sanderson for the Mill2 skeleton graphics
James Hastings-Trew for landscapes from Tempus Irae
Battlecat for map architecture from Berlin net map

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge was created by the Marathon Map Makers Guild.