Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes may be used when playing the single player game (they do not work in multiplayer games).

Cheat codes are NOT RECOMMENDED. They are generally intended for beta testing. Cheat codes, in general, can spoil gameplay, and cheat codes that change your inventory may disrupt the story as well as the intentions of a level. If you must use a cheat code, use sparingly.

  • POWERUP - Replenishes 1x health
  • MAP - Displays all items as blinking white squares in map mode
  • GHOST - Makes you temporarily invisible
  • TREX - Makes you temporarily invincible
  • TINY - Gives you infrared vision temporarily
  • POISON - Gives you fish-eye vision temporarily (kind of useless)
  • SNYPER - Gives you a Snyper gun
  • DACHRON - Gives you a Dachron gun
  • HIGHTECH - Gives you a Hightech weapon
  • PHASER - Gives you the phaser
  • CROSS - Gives you a crossbow or railgun (depending upon the level)
  • SPEAR - Gives you a spear, axe, or flamer (depending upon the level)
  • STAFF - Gives you a wand or special weapon (depending upon the level)
  • SWORD - Gives you Excalibur or a light saber (depending upon the level)
  • AMMO - Loads you up with ammunition
  • JUMP - Your character jumps straight up and down (kind of useless)
  • MERLIN - Gives you most weapons and lots of ammo
  • SAVE - Saves your game from your current location

To use a cheat code, hold down the SHIFT key (for Mac) or the CONTROL key (for Windows/Linux), and type the cheat code letters. If you type them too fast, the cheat will not activate.