Merlin Unplugged

Journey starts on the starship Kronos, and Merlin, same AI from Devil in a Blue Dress, introduces some new information to you. He wants you to practice in the holodecks, but after visiting the Camelot holodeck, the ship is attacked. Your task then is to simply get off the ship.
  • Grab the gun and ammo in sickbay, recharge, save game, and then proceed down the corridor
  • When you reach the end of the corridor and walk through the door, a maintenance engineer shows up to the left
  • The maintenance man will unlock a locked door containing an SAP card and a dachron gun (he'll teleport off the ship shortly after unlocking the door)
  • Visit the 2nd holodeck where the Camelot program is running
  • Before jumping into the moat, grab the crossbow in the forest
  • Jump into the moat, take the rock path to the right up through the forest, and then jump across the moat to the castle door.
  • Enter the castle, grab the arrows, and run to the other end (the wall behind Morgana's flag will open)
  • Run down the stairs, grab the ammo, flip the switch (opens the red walls)
  • Run over to the other side, pick up the invincibility powerup, and flip the switch
  • Climb the ledge near the pool, and enter the time gate exit (you've now activated the time delayed attack on Kronos)
  • While invincible, head back towards the sickbay hallway and take the elevator down to the future pod bays
  • Kill the GATs, including the ones waiting for you in the recharging pods
  • Head back to sickbay to recharge (if needed), then head back to communications room (it's now open) to read the last log entry
  • Head back down to pod bays, and exit through recharging pod on the left

Eye Candy / Extras

  • Try revisiting each holodeck after going through it once
  • To get through the Jurassic holodeck, rock jump towards the left into the tunnel, run through the cave to an opening, jump off the cliff, avoid the T-rex, run into the forest alcove, into the pod (terminal doesn't work), then exit the pod and the time gate exit is in the forest wall
  • In the Jurassic holodeck, try rock hopping towards the right and you'll find another tunnel which leads to an arena containing a couple of pods, and you'll need to exit the area pretty quick once lava begins to fill up the arena
  • The SAP card can be used to open the vent at the end of the hallway near the observatory, and takes you to the engineering section
  • The teleporter pads take you to: the locked teleporter room across the hallway, sickbay, and to the top of a future pod in one of the bays where you can pod hop to grab some dachron ammo
  • There is a switch in the bridge (at the end of the hall past the teleporter rooms) which can be used to shut off the alarm
    You cannot get to the "big" ammo stash, so don't bother trying
  • Dachron & snyper ammo scattered in engineering section (elevator connects engineering with the bridge)
  • Attack ship decloacks (you can view from observatory at end of hall past holodecks)
  • In Camelot holodeck, there is a stash of arrows in the archer alcove on the left (you can reach it from a platform on the near the pool)
  • Before entering holodeck castle, you can take jump in moat and follow it to the pool, and dachron blast out to skip the archer alley
  • In the communications room, there is ammo in the locker
  • There's snyper ammo on the conference table (across from the holodecks)