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This is the first Jurassic level, and you start by seeing Morgana for the first time (enjoy her, as you will not confront her again until the end). You're looking for the actinium crystals now, but the area you're in is unstable. Run like the wind until you find the broken pod to exit the level. There are several ways to get to the pod, but here's the quickest:
  • Run to the left through the forest, jump in the river and follow the river to the left
  • Run through the cave, and when reaching a juncture where you can go up or down, take the passage up
  • Hop across the lava, take the cave further until you reach a cliff
  • Walk along the cliff to the end (before it drops off), wait on the cliff until it starts to drop, then look for a rock opening in the wall
  • Jump at the rocks, the rocks will drop, and you can jump through the opening
  • Quickly kill the spitting raptor to the right, jump across the lava and follow the cave to the broken pod
  • You are on the recharger side of the pod, so recharge, then jump across to the terminal side of the pod to exit the level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • If you went right at the start, or if you jump in the big lava lake, there is a platform that will take you up, and at the top, you can run along a ledge which takes you into another big open area
  • In the open area, you can take any of the cave openings: one leads to the river, one leads to the lava platform puzzle, and one leads to an ice cave