A River Runs Through It

We're in a calmer area, known to have actinium crystals. The goal is to locate the first pod, activate an emitter switch, then locate the 2nd pod to activate the other emitter switch which creates a cave-in on the crystals. Upon inspecting the cave-in area, you'll be teleported to the next level.
  • Run around the pool of water (don't jump in unless you want to be eaten), follow the river to the waterfall drop-off, then turn left before the drop-off
  • Walk down the stairs, and a platform will take you down to the caves
  • To the right is a passage which takes you past some small lava falls, a horde of mini raptors, and the first future pod (run fast and you won't have to fight the raptors)
  • Flip the switch, recharge, save, and collect the ammo
  • Exiting the caves is easiest in map mode, but if you use map mode, you may want to kill those mini-raptors first (spear and rock work really well on them)
  • The exit from the caves is through a waterfall
  • Avoid the T-rex, and go to the right into a dwelling of cavebobs
  • Upon entering their dwelling, keep going straight, and the rock you run into will drop to allow you passage into their ice cave
  • Run up the stairs of the ice cave, then off the ledge, then exit the ice cave (collecting as many rocks as you can carry)
  • You've now activated a rock movement opening a cave at the end of the river, so exit the cave dwelling, follow the river to the end, and run into the cave (band of cave bobs should help you with critters that may be following you)
  • Run to the final pod (if the door is shut, you forgot to flip the switch in the first pod)
  • Flip the switch in the final pod, then exit to watch the cave-in (splat, splat, splat go the raptors)
  • After cave-in, jump into area to teleport to next level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • In cavebob dwelling (did you notice their nice artwork?), you can take a platform down to a view of the crystals
  • Upon entering the cave to the final pod, if you stand in the crystal pedestal area, you'll activate the MMMG logo, and some Carmina Burana (and you'll probably feel a glow effect if you stand there long enough)