Unstable Terrain

Once again you find yourself in an unstable area, so you need to make your way to higher ground so that Merlin can teleport you out. Part of thie expedition involves causing a landslide which diverts the flow of lava.
  • At the start, let the cavebobs fight off the raptors (help if you like)
  • Enter the cavebob cave and you'll find a pod with a recharger and save term
  • If any cavebobs die, say a prayer for him, and then grab the rocks he left behind
  • Start your way through the jungle and get ready for ambushes along the way
  • If you get tired of fighting, you can always lure them back to the cave bobs
  • After passing through the jungle, you'll find an entrance into the volcano
  • Enter the volcano and go to the left until you find the pod (avoid deep lava pockets)
  • Flip the switch in the pod to activate a platform in the heart of the volcano giving you access to the other side
  • Now follow the caves to the heart of the volcano, cross the chasm, and exit into a raptor infested opening
  • Kill the critters and then climb the stairway to the top
  • At the top, near the edge of the pool, hop from rock to rock until you can get to the passage which goes behind the waterfall
  • Follow this passage jumping across chasms as you go
  • When you get to the end, there's rocks at the edge of the cliff, and if you stand on these rocks (careful not to fall off), you'll create a landslide
  • The landslide diverts the lava flow, and you can now jump down the cliff and head to the left
  • There will be lots of raptors waiting for you, so use the landslide rocks to jump back into the area where the cavebob cave is so you can recharge and save in the future pod
  • Climb the rocks to higher ground, sometimes having to jump across chasms
  • When you get to the final area, you'll see the final pod (as well as a lot more jungle beasts)
  • Get to the pod to exit the level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • Break the eggs to get more rocks
  • Stand in the heart of the volcano and notice the bubbling the lava is doing (cool, huh?)
  • After reaching the final pod, instead of exiting through that terminal, walk out of the pod and run across the highest land in front of you (that activates the secret), then head back to the first pod area, into the jungle where you started, and you'll notice a secret passage to a secret pod (along with lots of extra ammo)