When It Rains It Pours

You've detected more actinium crystals in deep caves, so it's time to hunt them down. This level is basically an explore level, and as you explore more, the caves shift until a climbable passage is achieved up to the crystals.
  • You start off in an ice cave, enter the pod and read the terminal, recharge, pick up ammo, and save
  • Exit the pod and the cave, run through the trees and to the left, and then another left, until you find the cave with a hole
  • Jump in the hole
  • Note the rocks ledges leading up to crystals, for this is the passage you need to make climbable (each rock switch will activate one of the 4 platforms, and when all 4 are activated, the path will be climbable)
  • Push the first rock switch to the right of that crystals
  • Across from the crystals is a pod imbedded in rock, enter and read the terminal for important information
  • Exit the pod, and facing the crystals, go to the stairs on the left
  • Passage leads to an intersection with a T-rex, stay to the left and follow the passage and look for the rock switch on the right (2nd platform is activated)
  • Back track to the intersection with the T-rex (may have to wait for ceiling platforms over stairway)
  • Go through the passage towards the left marked by a tall boulder, follow down to another future pod (ammo and a recharge)
  • Take the stairs to the right up (avoid T-rex), go back to the T-rex intersection, and go through the passage to the right (hug the right wall)
  • Follow this perimeter ledge, jump across opening to left and circle around clockwise until you reach an opening at the other end
  • Enter the crystal arena, continue towards back through the Grog corpses, take the path to the left, down the stairs, and activate the 3rd rock switch
  • When you get to the opening to a spiral staircase, go to the right up the stairs, hug the left wall until you reach a cliff opening
  • Jump off the cliff, avoid the T-rex, and follow these dark caves to the 4th rock switch (activate switch)
  • Keep going through the unstable ceiling area until you arrive to another cliff (you'll also notice, if you turn around, that the passage behind you has closed off)
  • Below you is a major platform which will take you to the opening across the way where another future pod is, so jump on the platform (after you kill the female raptor which jumps up to greet you)
  • As the platform rises, rocks will begin to fall from all directions, so just try to avoid the rocks, and then jump into the opening where the pod is
  • Enter pod, read terminal, recharge, collect ammo and save, then exit pod and jump back on the platform (you'll probably have to wait until it comes back down again)
  • This time take the platform all the way to the top until you can jump through the small opening which leads back to the starting area (if you've hit all the triggers, you should be able to climb the passage; otherwise, it's back through the caves)
  • Climb the passage, enter the pod, read the terminal, then enter the sleep chamber to exit the level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • In the crystal arena, if you climb the small stairway there, you'll activate a platform which releases some Grogs that will fight the T-rex (the Grogs are also released after you exit through the left passage)
  • When you first enter the lower caves, after you pass the T-rex, if you run to the right, you'll discover a tar pit
  • In the lower caves where the 4th rock switch is, after you reach the cliff, turn back to the cave-in area and you'll find an alley platform that takes you down to a secret terminal, along with a hightech weapon and a stash of hightech ammo (watch out for the tar pit)