Ceridwen's Dream

Merlin activates your sleep chamber so that you can rest, and now you are in a dream.
  • You start off empty handed, so grab the crossbow and arrows, and use the step to jump across to the 1x recharger
  • While on the ledge, jump towards the elevated door and take that hallway to a hidden pod where you can save the game
  • Flip the switch in that pod to open the door to a room across the hall
  • Go to that room, collect the arrows at the bottom of the bathtub and flip the switch (which opens a door at the end of the hall)
  • Head back past the first room towards the end of the hall, and out to the ledge where the ranger is standing (she's out of arrows)
  • Look across the ways and spot the blonde archer, and then shoot her (one less to worry about later)
  • Now head back down the hall, down the stairs, and on the left is a room with a term, oxygen and shield recharger.
  • Continue down the hall past the elevator until you reach the door to the Sushi bar
  • Enter the Sushi bar, shoot the soldier, grab the key, and stay away from the water
  • Now head back down the hall to the elevator and take it down (get ready to fight a couple of archers when you get there)
  • In the contraption in the middle of the room you'll see a switch which looks like a window, shoot an arrow at it
  • On the same wall as the elevator, you'll find a row of switches, only one of which is enabled
  • Begin flipping the switches, and other switches will become enabled (switch them all on)
  • Go to the wall with the two lights to open the secret door between the lights (go through that door as well as the door it revealed behind it)
  • Follow the maze and turn right at every juncture until you reach an alley of water
  • At the end of that alley is a switch that you need to flip
  • Head out to the big body of water, swim around until you can climb on some black rock, and take that platform up
  • That corridor takes you to another body of water called The City, jump in, submerge, and to the right is a nook with a switched platform
  • Take the platform up (prepare to battle some archers)
  • Recharge and save, then flip the switch to open the door
  • Follow the passage to the Ballroom, use your key in the lock (and watch out for the sorcerer that appears)
  • Make your way back to the starting point, and you'll see that the door across from the oxygen/shield recharge room is open to a courtyard area
  • Cross the courtyard and enter the caves on the other side (there is faster way to get there from the Ballroom, but it is harder to describe)
  • Once in the caves, look for an opening to the left of the cave entrance, and pass through the automatic opening and closing doors until you find the teleporter to the next level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • When you are on the ledge where the ranger is found, try jumping across the rocks and climbing along the ledges just for fun
  • In the big room with all the switches, after flipping the first set of switches, try flipping the switches on the opposite side of the room and watch the room come to life
  • In the cave, explore the area until you see a secret message appear on the wall