Unnatural Selection

You're awake again, and Morgana has escaped with some crystals. Before you leave the Jurassic period, you meet with some cavebobs (Grogs) that have useful information for you. Before they give you the information, they need you to help them with the K'balas (raptors).
  • Enter the future pod, read terminal and save (recharger does not work)
  • Exit pod, pick up shield powerup, and enter cave
  • Take the cave tunnel to a jungle opening, engage in a fight, find a concealed passage in the jungle wall
  • Take the passage to another jungle opening (where you'll see a campfire area), take a sharp left and enter another jungle passage
  • Take the passage to a grassy clearing, and locate the cave tunnel to the left
  • Take the tunnel to another clearing, and directly across is the cave entrance to the Grog dwelling
  • Enter the dwelling, locate the Grog behind a transparent wall, and talk to him (aka, read the terminal)
  • Reading the terminal activates an opening in the jungle wall back where the campfire area is, so head back there now
  • Enter the new opening and traverse through the jungle as your fight the raptors
  • At the end of the jungle area is a cave entrance which leads down a one-way staircase (i.e., once down, you cannot get back up)
  • When you get to the lava, turn right before the lava and find the potion behind the mini-door
  • Go back to the lava, jump across it, and head straight back until you find the room with the mini-door and save terminal
  • Flip the switch behind the mini-door, then half-way between that room and the lava chasm you jumped across is a side corridor that contains another mini-door
  • Flip the switch behind that mini-door, and after it turns back on, flip it a second time
  • Immediately jump onto the rock platform at the end of the corridor, and hop along the other two platforms and into the corridor on the other side of the lava (it's a platform puzzle)
  • Continue up the stairway, through the caves, and look for the pathway on the left that leads to the renegade Grog
  • Kill the renegade Grog
  • Continue through the caves until you see the raptor lair (you'll see a waterfall)
  • Pick as many off as you can from the ledge (but don't waste ammo on missed shots), then jump down and try to get to the pod around the corner as fast as you can
  • Recharge and save, and if you think you killed enough raptors, you can exit this level through the terminal (if you didn't kill enough, you'll have to go back and fight some more)

Eye Candy / Extras

  • Did you see the lava falls in the Grog dwelling?
  • Another passage in the Grog dwelling leads to a room full of Grogs and health potion