Raptors Come Home

You've just cleared out the Raptor lair for the Grog, and night has fallen. You now need to make your way back to the original pod, but the jungle creatures are out in large numbers now. Use the Grog for help, and fight your way back to the pod.
  • Head back to the Grog dwelling through the grassy clearing (try to let the Grogs do most of the fighting for you)
  • Talk to the Grog leader again, then head back towards the first future pod
  • When you enter the last cave tunnel to the clearing that contains the pod, and the cave starts caving in, retreat!
  • The cave-in opens a new passage to the side which takes you to a hidden egg nest where there is also some teleport beacons that will transport you to the clearing in the pod area
  • Use the pod to exit the level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • The passage in the Grog dwelling that leads to a room full of Grogs now contains some Dachron ammo
  • Busting up those eggs in the nest will yield a lot of rocks for ammo