No Time For Coffee

Merlin sends you back to Kronos only to find the ship controlled by Morgana's forces. Your task is to make your way to the transporter pad as fast as possible.
  • Recharge, then make a Bee-line for the transporter pad (into the corridor, turn right, turn left at the juncture, take the first door on the right, and jump on the pad furthest to the right)

Eye Candy / Extras

  • If you turn left exiting the first terminal, you'll find a room chock full of Snyper and Dachron ammo (but that GAT forces will engage you so heavily that this extra ammo will not save you) (it may be fun to try)
  • If you go straight down the corridor to the right, you can enter the first holodeck on the right, and you can also go to the end where you can see how the observatory and part of the 2nd holodeck has been completely destroyed
  • If you jump on the transporter pad in the far left corner, or if you take the door on the left (across from Transporter Room B), you'll end up in Transporter Room A (GAT infested of course)