Bend Sinister

The first Camelot level takes you to Davenport Castle where you must complete the elemental challenge.
  • Collect the ammo in the first pod and along the forest floor
  • Go to the left coming outside the pod, and at the end of the forest is a platform you need to take up
  • Jump across the moat to the window in the castle wall
  • Enter the window, go straight and make your way up to a room with two switches (flip them BOTH)
  • Head back down to that first window, turn right, and follow the corridor around the dining hall
  • One of the rooms holds a soldier, an exploding barrel and a switch (you need to flip that switch)
  • Take the stairway down and sneak into the dining hall to grab the crossbow and arrows
  • Head back upstairs, and either go through the cleric alter, or continue up another flight of stairs (both take you to the 3rd floor)
  • Locate the pod up there
  • At the end of the corridor the pod is off of is a secret door (marked with a flag), open the door, kill the sorcerers, and walk across the point of the star on the right (that opens the door)
  • Once the door is open, prepare to fight some archers and knights
  • Read the scroll on the post (that activates the door to the elemental area)
  • Pass through the time gate into the elemental area and locate the pod out there to recharge and save
  • Jump into the creek, follow into the caves, and swim ashore where you see the burning torch
  • Prepare for knights and sorcerers (as well as archers across the way sniping at you), you may need to bob in the water as you fight, and/or kill a few, return to pod, come back and kill a few more
  • Jump into the alcove with the crystal and potion, and a secret door to the elemental room opens up
  • Collect all four scrolls in the elemental room, then return to the castle
  • Back on the 3rd floor, head into the master bedroom and jump out the window
  • Fight the archers and knights down in the castle courtyard, and make your way across the drawbridge back into the forest area where the first pod is
  • Use the first pod to exit the level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • The corner door in the corridor on the second floor leads to a basement where you can see the moat water flood in (as well as some barrels containing arrows)
  • Kill the cleric in the alter and grab the water vial he leaves behind
  • Take the spiral stairs all the way down, run straight across the corridor and go further down on another staircase, and you'll find lots of barrels with arrows (mixed with exploding barrels), as well as another pod
  • In the elemental area above water, there is an alcove in the mountain wall that takes you down to a maze filled with archers and knights (that also lead to the large pool of water where the elemental room can be found)