The Return

You have been returned to the scene of the Mannehaum massacre where you must locate information to help you on your journey, as well as find a path to the Shores of Camelot.
  • Grab the axe, exit the cottage and enter the forest behind the cottage near the fireplace.
  • Travel through the forest until you reach Mannehaum, then enter the dried moat and traverse the rock cliffs to the left to reach the front door (be prepared to fight a few ghouls).
  • Open the first door, then use the switch to open the next gate, go straight and use the key switch to open another gate.
  • Looking down the hallway, go into the first door on the right, and flip the switch in that room.
  • Continue down the hallway until the end (ignore the ghosts, they cannnot hurt you), and take the platform up.
  • From the top of the platform, go to the far end of the hallway and out to the look out area, and flip the switch.
  • Go back to the opposite end of the hallway, and the last door on the left takes you to the 2nd look out (which is now open), flip the switch on that lookout.
  • Take the platform back down, and from the platform, enter the last room on the right (sleeping quarters), and the locker is now unlocked, so grab the key.
  • Exit the sleeping quarters, and exit the hallway using the key switch to open the gate.
  • Take the stairs up to the left, and turn the key switch to lower the windows so that you can jump through them (be prepared to fight a few ghouls).
  • Enter the scorpion caves (map view will reveal the cave system in the shape of a scorpion), and save your game.
  • Travel through the right hind leg path until you reach the scorpion tail, beware the end of the tail is a trap, so trigger the trap, wait for ceiling to go back up, then run in and grab key, then run out.
  • Exit the scorpion caves, return to the cottage, enter the lake, and take the underground tunnel to the pool of tranquility.
  • Climb to the top of the cliffs and exit towards the graveyard (be prepared for more ghouls).
  • On the opposite side of the graveyard is an entrance to the north part of the Scorpion caves, use one of your keys to open the pathway, enter the caves, explore the right claw to get another key (be prepared to fight ghouls and spiders).
  • Use the key to unlock the first keyhole, then unlock the 2nd, then exit through the doorways to cliff, and you are now above the Shores of Camelot.

Eye Candy / Extras

  • Kirin's cottage contains an apple for health, and a terminal with information
  • In Mannehaum, the lower hallway, at the end on the right is a room of wands
  • In Mannehaum, the lower hallway, at the end on the left is a contraption room that provides some goodies (and spiders)
  • In Mannehaum, the upper hallway, cafeteria spawns ghosts (which are harmless) as well as ghouls (which can hurt you).
  • Scorpion caves, the left claw contains a health potion
  • Apples are good for your health