It's time to explore Camelot, fighting evil where you meet it. Merlin expects you to wield Excalibur, feel the majesty of the Round Table, and learn a couple of sorcery scrolls. There are several ways to proceed, as the order of achievements does not matter (although having Excalibur early on certainly can help).
  • Exit the bath area, and at the intersection, turn left
  • Take the stairs through the rampart and down the other side
  • At the bottom of the stairs, turn right, then take the 2nd door on the left
    In that room (that one knight awaits you) is a future pod which contains a valuable 2x recharge (as well as an info term and save term)
  • Upon exiting that room, continue through the door on the right, follow the corridor to an arena area (and a nasty reception)
  • Flip the switch on the wall across from the entrance to the arena on the other side of the waterfall (watch out for the shadow sorcerers)
  • Climb into the waterfall, and the last poly teleports you to an outside waterfall area
  • Grab the water vials, shoot the archers, then enter the forest (not the cobblestone stairway)
  • The forest path leads to the enchanted lake where Excalibur can be found (as well as the sorcerers guarding it)
  • Run and grab the sword, fight if you desire, then go back through the forest, past the waterfall, out to the courtyard, and up the stairway that divides the courtyard
  • Back in the castle, turn to the left, take the platform down, head back to the intersection, keep going up to the rampart and back to the save term and recharge in the other pod
  • Now visit the room to the right of the room with the pod and read the scroll of passage (a sorcerer will appear)
  • Now head back into the hall, and into the reading room which is directly across from the pod room
  • Run into the fireplace and the back of the fireplace will open
  • Enter the maze, turn to the right, and follow that to the other required reading, the scroll of darkness
  • Now find the switch in the other end of the maze which is your way out of the maze (kill the spiders if you haven't already)
  • This dumps you into the foyer leading to the Round Table room (you may want to go back and save now)
  • Pass through the foyer and enter the Round Table room to fight a tough battle with knights
  • In the little room connecting the foyer and the Round Table room are two switches, so switch them both, then run down the corridor which opens from one of the switches
  • Take the platform at the end up, and take the catwalk towards the round table, then jump on top of the round table to collect the water vials
  • Now exit through the foyer, back to the main intersection, and turn left to the platform
  • Take the platform up, flip the switch at the end of that corridor (it reveals a switch back near the platform)
  • Flip the secret switch, and it opens a secret door directly across from it
  • Enter that room (if the room is closed off, then you flipped the wrong switch in the arena earlier on, so go back and flip the right one)
  • Take the small corridor from that room to the crystal room and enter the pod at the end of it
  • If you have completed all your tasks, then reading the terminal will open up a sleep chamber protected by magic bars
  • Use Excalibur to break the bars, then enter one of the sleep chambers to exit the level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • In the arena, the other switch in that raises the center platform which contains some more baddies to fight
  • When crossing the rampart, instead of turning right at the end of the stairs, go straight and enter the 2nd door on the right to the room of incantations (magic staff, potions and sorcerers)
  • Past the room of incantations is a room with a secret door which leads to the alcove where the shadow sorcerers emerge from into the arena
  • In the baths where you start, jump into the bath on your right and be teleported to the rampart
  • Jump into the bath on your left, and take the waterway which dumps you out on the waterfall (you can also enter this waterway from the catwalk near the Round Table)
  • Back in the main courtyard, on the side with the pond is a door to Arthur's Patio which contains an oxygen recharge and a teleporter back to the baths
  • In the maze, near the scroll of darkness, there is a secret reading room
  • Between the main intersection and the platform to the crystal room are two hallway doors, one leads to a basement, and the other to a scout entrapment room