Siege Perilous

Off to the Enchanted Forest where you must rescue Dhyana Castle for the good sorcerers, currently under siege by the evil archers. In other words, it's an extermination level!
  • In the forest, enter the pod and read the first terminal (this activates your HUD enemy radar)
  • Exit the pod, enter the forest, kill the ghouls in Diamond Grove, and locate the forest path from the grove to Cypress Crypt
  • From the crypt, take the forest path that leads back to the grove along the rock wall and read the scroll of firestorm
  • You now have a special firestorm wand, and the cave opens providing an exit from the crypt
  • Take the caves to Dyana Castle
  • When you come upon the castle, cross the drawbridge and up to the gate (it's a time delay before opening)
  • Upon entering the castle, try to kill the clerics first (you should be able to sniper one on the rampart before entering the castle)
  • Blast the archers away (firestorm spell works well on archers), enter the throne room and flip the switch behind the throne
  • After the secret door opens, follow it back to the pod, read the term and save
  • Head back out and start killing archers, including the ones in the watch tower
  • Use the cave path from the throne room to locate the waterfall where you can find some water vials
  • Be sure to clear the dining hall and the ramparts
  • Follow the rampart into the cave wall, and continue through the caves until you drop into a bigger cave with a door
  • Enter this door to the Alchemist lab, avoid the potions and just walk to the end of the room until the shadow sorcerers attack
  • Kill the shadow sorcerers (they'll probably drain you, but they won't kill you)
  • Now drink the 2x potion, grab the key, and head through the door near the magic staffs
  • An ambush awaits you in the hall of knighthood, afterwhich you can use the key to open the fireplace passage
  • Take the passage back to the castle dining room, exit the castle, and return to Diamond Grove to kill some more ghouls
  • Return to the castle, to the throne room, to the pod behind the throne, and if you've killed enough enemies, you'll teleport to the next level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • Drop into the moat and go to the left, through the waterfall, and you can take the caves to the Alchemist Lab from that direction as well
  • Drop into the moast and go to the right, past the crystal stream, and you can drop into the waterfall where the water vials are
  • At the bottom of the tower next to the rampart is an armory with some extra ammo supply