I'll Be Lurking For You

Now we're starting to get into the good stuff! We are breaching Morgana's territory, and in this level, we invade her castle.
  • Starting off in the dark forest surrounding her castle, locate both forest imbedded pods (one has a 3x recharge, the other a save term)
  • Walking through the forest, locate the area where some brick wall shows through, and take the platform in the corner down (when travelling through the forest, watch out for soldiers and attacking trees)
  • Take the underground corridor to the end where you can pick up a magic wand (note the area, as you may want to come back and grab another wand later - the wand in this level gives you the Raise the Dead spell that spawns skeletons that fight for you)
  • Look into the training room through the window, and use your crossbow to flip the switch on the opposite wall
  • Head back up, save, and now locate the cave path which leads to the castle
  • While ducking fireballs, eye bolts and arrows, sniper the archers in the two watch towers on both sides of the main gate, then finish off the knights in the entrance hall
  • Either kill the firebeast, or wait till its distracted, then peep out and shoot a crossbow at the switch in the archer alcove on the right side (activates the drawbridge)
  • Enter the castle (gate locks shut behind you)
  • Jump in the teleporter, and you're now in the training room where that first switch was that you flipped earlier
  • Take the stairs up, handle a couple of ambushes, and keep going until you reach the foyer, a big room with wide stairs and torches
  • In the wall on the right is a wooden platform, take it down to the torture room
  • Locate the switch on the column in the back of the room and flip it, then return back to the foyer
  • Head up the stairs and through the corridor (another ambush awaits you)
  • In the four corners are stairways to watch towers, and straight ahead is a path which leads to the top of the castle, take that path
  • When you get to the top, step through the opening leading outside and stand on the star to teleport to the next level (if there is no opening, then you missed the switch in the torture room)

Eye Candy / Extras

  • Before entering the castle, if you circle the lava moat, you'll fine a 2x potion that teleports in
  • After the training room, the 2nd door on the right leads to a room of arrow-filled barrows (and spiders)
  • The 3rd door on the right, around the corner, contains a teleporter that takes you back to the forest (near the pod with the save term)
  • In the torture room, the column near the right wall has a door on the backside concealing a teleporter which takes you to the stash of magic wands
  • When you get to where the 4 watch towers intersect, walk by the picture of Morgana, and you'll hear her chant
  • Visit each Watch Tower for some goodies
  • When you get near the top, in the last room before heading outside, the light effect coming from a section of the back wall highlights a secret door to the ramparts
  • Take the secret door to the ramparts, walk towards the front of the castle, and jump into the archer alcove (the one on the left when facing the castle) for a 2x potion
  • Oh yeah, did you notice the floating skull in the entry hall, and the skull on a stick in the training room?
  • Hit the skull on the stick for fun