Tower of Mauvair

This level can be extremely difficult or extremely easy depending upon your approach. Merlin sets up a time gate from a pod on Kronos which lands you in the area of Mauvair's tower. Mauvair likes fire, and critters, and heights. Here's a rundown of the easy approach:

  • While in the pod, recharge, and use the panels through the window to do a save game
  • Exit the pod, and run along the rocks towards the right (do not stop to enjoy the scenery)
  • As you run by the second tower, you'll notice the backside moving
  • Drop into the lava where you see the side moving, and enter the tower and take the platform up (you'll drink an invincibility potion on the way up)
  • You're now in the heart of the mountain, so flip that switch on the right column to open a secret door out
  • Walk out and quickly begin your climb to the top (either run all the way shooting skull snakes in the way, or if you have enough invincibility left, try to take out the firebeasts)
  • Enter the top of the tower through the wood door and step into the center of the star to teleport to the next level

Eye Candy / Extras

  • The "easy" approach is actually an "extra" since most people will attempt to jump on the mountain and climb the whole way
  • Lots of nice potions in the heart of the mountain, as well as the Mauvair terminal on the right column
  • If you stand on the tips of the star, you'll teleport to the center, then to the next level
  • Upon entering the door at the top, you'll activate Mauvair and his laughter and lightning will light up the wall where Morgana's ghost image is displayed
  • You can explore the firebeast nest if you're really brave, but there is no reward except the satisfaction of being that brave