Staying Up Late
We're back on Earth, in a war-torn region where WorldSoft once controlled. The area is currently under command of Morgana's forces, and frequented by the mischievious Spewies from the underground sewers. Explore the city to locate Morgana's headquarters. This level is sweet with secrets, so be sure to go through the Extras section as well.
You start off in a pod near the Iridium Observatory, exit the pod and turn to the right
Follow the stairs, turn down the short ally to the left, then turn down another alley to the left
At the end of the stairs, turn right and head out to the street
You will be greeted by an onslaught of GAT forces, so shoot a bunch, retreat, plan each move, back to the pod for recharge and saving when life becomes low
After clearing the street, walk down the street and enter the door to the left (this is the entrance to the Davenport library)
There will be two waves of ambush from the books room, afterwards go read the library terminals in the far wall (one is a message from Merlin)
Head back to the library entrance, take the elevator down, kill the GATs in the reception area
Exit through the wood doors, kill more GATs, head to the back of the building across from the library via a weak force field on the right side
Enter the back of the building, locate the pod for more information, recharge and save (recharge and save first, then read the terminal, and when reading the terminal do not press Esc)
The terminal teleports you to the Spewie plant. flip the switches on both sides of the column in the room with the two pools
Enter the next room, go clear to the back and grab the SAP card behind the caged Spewie
Exit through the newly opened ally way door and walk to the end of the ally until you're back on the street
Turn left and go to the end of the street
Turn right and enter the lobby of Cyborg Labs, and flip the security switch on the wall behind the reception desk
Go back out to the street and enter the werehouse at the opposite end of the street (retreat and let the battle come to you)
After battling the werehouse troops, go back into the werehouse and flip the security switch on the wall to the left
Head back out to Forraje Way and take it all the way to Forraje Circle where Morgana's Headquarters are
Use your SAP card to unlock the lobby door, fight the GATs, then enter the guard room in the lobby (read the terminal)
Now head back to the future pod in the building across from the library to exit the level
Eye Candy / Extras
At the start, don't ignore the Iridium area, as there is some nice hightech ammo hidden behind the barrels (shoot the barrels from a distance)
After exiting the Iridium room, walk down the thin ally way where the trash can on fire is and you'll get a glimpse of Morgana's headquarters
After the trash fire, go down the big ally and turn to the right in the bricked circle where the 3 GATs sniper from the high wall and shoot the barrels
Explore the caves revealed after the wall explodes and you'll find some more hightech missiles (careful not to get burned)
When entering the books room in Davenport library, look closely at the bookshelf on the left and press the book that appears to be glowing, then press the switch which is revealed behind the book
Go to the other side of the book room to the secret generator room and grab the 3x potion and extra ammo
When exiting the library, enter the door directly across the street into the WorldSoft R&D building
Take each elevator up to collect plasma ammo and 1x potion, a 2x potion, and some phaser paks, respectively
When reading the pod terminal in the back of the R&D building, press Esc to avoid teleportation, then step on the metal platform to go up to the roof where you will find some more hightech ammo
Roof hop until you are on the chemical plant, then hop into the window in the building next to you, blast out the sniping laser turret (use the hightech plasma or phaser), then grab the missile at the end of the hallway
At Cyborg Labs, enter the door to the right of the entrance and visit the conference room for a 2x potion (and a fun slide presentation)
Enter the elevator and check out the other floors:
Basement: Boiler room which leads to the underground sewage system, to the north the exit goes back up to 22nd street (first street before the library), and to the south the exit goes into one of the Spewie plant pools (only accessible if column switch in pool room has already been activated)
1st Floor: The reception area
2nd Floor: Flip the switch, then enter the door where it says "Do Not Enter" (did you catch the foreboding skull in the tube?), stand between the crystals and regenerate indefinitely (well, until the crusher comes down anyway), then exit the back side to the storage room downstairs, which then exits back to the reception area
3rd Floor: Cube farm with invisibility potion, plasma ammo and a nice view
Don't forget to grab the extra ammo in the werehouse
In the Spewie plant there is dachron ammo on one of the shelves, and plasma ammo hidden in the water spout
At headquarters, there is dachron ammo in the garage around the corner, plasma ammo which teleports into the pool outside the lobby, and a missile pak in one of the lobby phone booths