Slime Raider II
In order to infiltrate Morgana's headquarters, we need to disable a very complex security system. This level takes us to the heart of that security system.
Before jumping into water, grab the missiles and then the 3x potion
Swim past the other dock, shoot or avoid the snipers, and go around the corner to the brick dock (and another sniper)
Swim to the opposite side of this dock and climb the stairway
Enter the door there to find a save buffer
From the brick dock, jump across the canal and follow the ledge to the dock with the plants (entrance to Forraje mansion)
Enter the mansion and go straight up the stairs to the balcony and save the game
From the balcony go through the door into the living room, and turn on the T.V. (either by walking on the remote, or standing on the couch facing the remote and pressing the action key)
Read the message on the T.V. and the door to the bathroom will open
Enter the bathroom, grab the plasma ammo in the tub and the oxygen potion on the toilet
Exit through the other door into the bedroom (you may have already been greeted by now)
Grab the SAP card on the nightstand, then activate the glowing books in the bookshelf, then activate the switch which is revealed behind the book
Now enter through the secret passage in the fireplace out into the Harmonic Displacement room
Read the terminal there, then head over to the adjacent Field Generator room (avoid the laser turret and prepare to battle pesky miniature GATs)
Use the save terminal on the brick wall to save your game, then flip the switch on another brick wall to open a passage to another room containing plasma ammo, a teleporter, and a window
Open the window, walk to the balcony, and jump across to the building across the canal (grab the 2x potion when you get there)
Drop down the hole which leads to the Control Sentry, grab the SAP card, flip the switch to open the door which leads back to the brick dock area
Jump back across the canal, go back into the mansion, and use one of your SAP cards on the switch in the wall across from the guardian armor (opens the door to the library)
Enter the library, head to the left, climb up the bookshelf and hop along the tops towards the vent (a little fighting to do as well)
Follow the vent until it dead ends at a T near the mansion balcony, turn right and drop down the hole
Continue in the lower passage, pass through the "Do Not Enter" junction and enter the water tunnel
Take the water tunnel out to Containment Area 55
Angle off towards the right and go through the passage to Containment Area 33, head to the right and flip the switch high up on the wall (activates a platform in the adjacent area)
Return to Area 55, head to the right and enter another passage to Containment Area 32
You'll find a 2x potion on a shelf, and a save buffer in a nook, then get on the platform
At the top of the platform, exit through the passage and continue until it drops off into the South Sentry
Run through the arrow gauntlet, activate the door at the end, then hide behind the wall on the left while you wait for the door to open
Run through the door, climb the crates, and drop in between two crates to where the vent passage is
Take the vent to the fan, take a right, flip the switch at the T intersection, turn left towards a dead end, grab the 2x potion, then head back to the fan
Now take the other passage which continues towards the west until you reach a second fan
Turn right at the 2nd fan, walk to the ledge and turn left and flip the switch on the wall (if you fell of the ledge, use the platform to get back up there)
Pass through the main control center, flip the first switch on the right, then turn the key on the next switch (a platform will life up)
Now use your other SAP card to shutdown the security system (there's a save terminal in that hall which you may want to use)
Go through the door, jump in the water, swim to the right, then swim up to the room with the canoe
Exit the door, then jump from the brick dock across the canal and head back into the mansion
Go upstairs, through the fireplace passage and back to the room with the teleporter
This time enter the teleporter, and from the balcony you are transported to jump across the canal onto the wooden dock
Flip the servo switch in the wall there, then head down the path towards the north courtyard
Enter the pod in the far left corner for typical pod functions, then jump down the hole in the opening kitty corner to the pod
Activate the switch under the courtyard using your fists or a weapon, then take the elevator back up
Exit the courtyard area, jump off the dock and swim to the left until you enter the North Sentry area
Climb onto the brick on the right, shoot the barrels, then jump across and enter the tunnel to exit the level
Eye Candy / Extras
In the dock area with the canoe, there is a 2x potion in the canoe
From the canoe area, you can swim to the first water area and through a tunnel in the right wall which leads to the Purification area
From the Purification area you can exit through the Control Sentry, through water well you just came in through, or through the end of the water stream which drops into another water containment area
In the T.V. room there is a 2x potion next to the sofa on the left wall
After the arrow gauntlet in the crate room, you can jump from one of the crates to a ledge back in the arrow gauntlet area to grab a 2x potion
Behind the crates you can find a 1x potion and a magic staff
In the air ducts, there is a drop hole between the first fan and the second fan which leads to some hightech ammo, then to water containment area 55
In area 55, head to the right and there is a room containing plasma ammo and a 2x potion
At the top of the platform in the courtyard area is a passage which leads out to the ledge overlooking the courtyard (and containing some missile ammo)
The barrels underneath the courtyard are exploding, so try and use them to take out one or two of the spiders