HQ Storm
It's time to storm Morgana's headquarters, only instead of entering from the lobby, you are going to sneak in through the sewer system. Once inside, you will need to flip the appropriate switches for activating the self-destruct module.
After dropping into the sewer, swim up a bit and catch the sewer tunnel leading east
At the T intersection, turn left (there will be a platform and a switch on the right side, but you need to locate the access card before activating the platform)
Turn right, then left, then right, and at the next T, turn left
Follow the sewer until you drop down, then turn right, and another right at the 4-way intersection, then left, and swim up
Now turn right and swim up to the pod door
The pod contains some ammo, an SAP card, and some panels (but no save buffer), so do your duty, grab the card, and head back to the platform (watch out for more Spewies)
Use the card in the switch, take the platform up, and save your game
In the smasher, you need to time your moves from corner to corner until you reach the far left corner where a platform takes you up to another tunnel (get off the platform as soon as you can move into the tunnel, otherwise you'll be crushed)
Follow the tunnel to the lower elevator, flip the switch, and then take the elevator up to the lobby (the save buffer in the phone booth is enabled now)
Take the other elevator up to the office floors, and prepare to be greeted by an exploding clone
Peek into the waiting room (with the sofa), then retreat and take out the GATs who come after you
Now go past the waiting room to the end of the hall, retreat again as another attack is upon you
Go back to the end of the hall, turn left into the office, walk behind the desk, and save your game with the pop-up save terminal
Go across the hall into the library, stand on the step near the book case, kill the dudes coming out of the secret room, then enter the secret room, flip the switch, and exit
Head back to the elevator door, and the stairway door is now open, take the stairs up to the next floor (more ambushes)
At the top of the stairs, turn left, and into the office square, turn right (ambush again)
Enter the 2nd door on the right and use the 3x recharge, then enter the closet in the back of the square and flip the switch
Head back over to the top of the stairs and go through the door that just opened
Go up the stairs to the left towards the main conference room, then retreat and prepare to be surrounded by exploding Forraje clones (shoot from a distance)
Go down the hall where the clones came from, flip the switch in the small room off that hall, then head back downstairs, back down the elevator, and save in the phone booth
Now take the stairs down to the lower office area through the door between the two elevators (you want to be fully charged and saved, because after entering, bars appear to prevent you from exiting, and there's one helluva fight waiting for you down there)
Kill everything, especially the purplish GATs because one of them is holding an SAP card which you need
After finding the card on the dead GAT, locate the card locked door in the perimeter of the room and use the card to gain entrance
Flip the switch in the back wall, and yes, that ammo is there for a reason (you will need it for but another swarm of GATs)
Head to the wall on the back side of the stairs leading up to the lobby, flip the switch, and the bars are removed
Go back up to the lobby and save your game
Exit the lobby to the street area, circle around to the right and flip the switch in the garage
While the garage divider opens up, begin unloading your hightech weapon on the SPAM behind the wall
To finish off the SPAM, use a duck and fire approach of causing damage, and do not let yourself be targeted in an open area (it fires heatsinking missiles)
If you're still having trouble with the SPAM, try the circle approach staying real close to it to prevent missile fire, and use your plasma bursts
Go down the hall in the back of the garage, flip the switch, and prepare for another serious battle
Go back into the lobby, into the security room, read the terminal, then head back out to the pond in front of the headquarters to exit the level
Eye Candy / Extras
At the very beginning when you are dropping in the hole, trying using a dachron blast on the wall to throw yourself out, and you'll find a secret terminal down the street and around the corner
If you're health is low when you first reach the lobby, head to the garage outside and grab the 2x potion
Try having a seat on the sofa in the waiting room, and find out what happens to those who rest
On the floor with the office square, check out the other rooms for fun
The first room on the right is a study area
The first room down the left side is a movie room
The 2nd room down the left is a crystal room with some extra ammo (there's also some ammo in the closet across the aisle from this room)
There is a 1x potion behind the conference table in the conference room
In the lower offices, check out the rooms in the center, one has a 1x potion, the other a 2x potion and some missiles
You definitely want to check out the lunch room (and grab the 3x potion to be found there)
In the hall in the back of the garage is a 3x potion as well as a teleporter which puts you on a ledge overlooking Forraje Circle and the headquarter building and containing a 3x potion
In the security station in the lobby is another 3x potion