Like a GAT Out of Hell

Now that the city is set to blow up, you've got to escape the destruction. You'll fly out of the city using some tricky maneuvers with your hoverbike.
  • As you come up to street level, a hover trooper will attack you. Take him out to secure the area.
  • The rest of the city is blocked off by barricades. You'll need to find a way over them, but before you start rocket jumping, enter the nearby garage through the small door.
  • The maintenance man is harmless. Save your game and read the terminal. Merlin informs you that you'll be escaping via hoverbike. When you finish the terminal, the door to the bike will open and the timer countdown will start.
  • Pick up the hoverbike by walking over it. You'll be on the bike for the rest of this level. Take a moment to test how it handles, then fire some grenades (secondary fire) at the switch to open the big door.
  • Drive back out into the street. Now, you can hover over the roadblock by holding down the run/swim key.
  • Keep flying down the street. It's a lot easier to outrun all the GATs and clones than to fight them. The fourth building on the left is the office building you need to get into. Also notice the forcefield that keeps you from flying directly to the highway.
  • Across the street from the office building is a brown building with another big door. It will open when you approach it. Go inside and hit the switch with your grenades. Look out for the SPAM that teleports in when you enter.
  • Now you need to get on top of this building. The hoverbike doesn't float up that high, so you need to jump from building to building in order to get high enough. Start by heading east, passing Gabriel Plaza until you reach the short gray building.
  • Fly up next to the building and hover up to land on the roof. From there, you can hover higher than before. Hover as high as you can and thrust forward to land on the black building across the street. Using the same technique, jump from building to building in a counterclockwise direction to get onto the roof of the brown building you've already been inside.
  • The last jump will get you into the office building. There's a pair of fans sticking out of the roof, which you turned on by hitting the switch inside. Line up with the one on the right, so that you can get a running start onto the top of the fan, and be propelled through the window into the office building.
  • Pilot your way around the cubicles to the window on the other side of the building. There are usually a couple GATs hanging around. Crash through this window, and you'll be shown a cutscene of you falling onto the highway, and driving off to the next level.

Eye Candy / Extras

  • Also in the garage is an amusing terminal with a magazine article that gives you hints on how to complete the level.
  • When you get the hoverbike, it comes with armor, equivalent to purple shields. If you're damaged while flying, come back where you got the hoverbike and your shields will repair.
  • The hoverbike comes with a speedometer.
  • There's a secret spot near the barricade where you can fly extra high, high enough to get onto the building on that corner. You can skip half the rooftop jumping this way.
  • You can run over the GATs to kill them instantly.