Double Vision
Now that you've destroyed the headquarters, let's finish off Morgana's main production facilities.
Starting off in the lobby, read the terminal in front of you, then switch to your weapon of choice, because as soon as you move, a swarm of baddies will be on you
Finish the fight, then jump on the platform on the other side of the terminal and drop down to the sewers
Recharge straight ahead, and start picking off the Spewies that begin attacking you
Follow the sewer to the other side and look for the brightly lit spot, stand in it, and wait for the platform to take you up
You are now in the N-Wave room with some more fighting to do, nestle in one of the nooks behind you (either to the left or right) and pick them off as them come
Near each nook there is an opening down to the lobby where you started and a switch across from you, so use a weapon to activate these switches
The two N-Wave platforms are not activated, so stand on one and use it to jump to the ledge
From either ledge, jump to the opening which is between the two ledges
You are on the inside of the Accelerator Ring, circle around until you find the hole, then drop into it
Run to the other end of the metal room and take the platform up
Now in an alcove area above the lobby, use the save buffer in the middle, then walk to either end to activate a door, then jump down to the lobby
The door across from the first terminal is now enabled, open it and throw in a lot of missiles, then head in and finish off the job (read the terminal in that room)
Exit the other end and circle around in the Accelerator Ring until you reach another door with a switch
Flip the switch to activate the door, cross the lobby and enter the Reading Room
Use the recharge, terminal and save buffer all on the book case in the reading room, then exit the reading room out into the big Graviton Dynamo area
There are 5 switches to flip first, 2 on each of the security towers (one low, and one high), and one on the wall directly facing you as you exit the Reading Room
Flip the lower switches while the big platform is low, then flip the switch on the wall, then when the platform is up flip the high switches
Ride the big platform to the top, then jump into the alcove on the back side of the wall with the switch and flip that switch as well (this is the main Graviton switch)
As you exit the alcove, you'll see a stairway across from you, jump on it and climb to the terminal
Use the terminal to exit the level, but you must have killed most every enemy (you can leave up to 8 alive)
Eye Candy / Extras
When you first come up to the N-Wave room, circle around the wall in front of you, open the door, and use the platform to go down to the metal room early to grab the extra ammo
When you are on the inside of the Accelerator Ring, go to each of the small windows and take some free shots at the GATs waiting for you in the ring
When you first enter the Accelerator Ring, activate the secret door directly in front of you (the lighting is different on this section of the wall), and patiently wait for the door to open
Head down the secret hallway, turn left and read the terminal, then jump into the teleport that opens up behind you (takes you to a secret ammo stash, which in turn teleports you to the Reading Room
In the reading room, on the bookshelf side that has no panel, there is a secret door which leads to the inside of the bookcase (containing some extra ammo)
In the Motor Room hallway along the back side of the Graviton Dynamo platform there is a save terminal and two teleporters (one puts you back on the big platform, and the other puts you on the high alcove on the back side of the wall switch)
Below the alcove mentioned above is another teleporter which takes you back to the Accelerator Ring
After flipping the final switch (the Graviton switch), if you jump down and get into the back hallway (Motor Room area), a secret area is revealed (for only 17 seconds) with tons of cool ammo (only way out is to flip the 4 switches, wait, then be crushed to death)