The Keep
Your final showdown with Morgana is approaching soon, but first we need to find the access card to her flagship. It's hidden and guarded well in her space outpost known as The Keep. You need to do some serious space hopping to get around in this level, until you can unlock the safe holding the Reina Siniestra access card.
From the octogon room you start off in, take either passage in your sight until you reach and area where you see some floor lights blinking
Stand up next to the stone wall until it drops, then enter the future pod, read the terminal (activates a door), then save
Return to the octogon room and continue past it down one of the other two passages
When they meet up to the divided aisle, go down the left side (but not too far lest you end up spending the rest of your days floating through space)
Look for a switch on the right wall and flip it, not go back to the end of the aisle, and go down the right side
Again, look for the switch on the right wall and flip it, wait for the platforms to raise, then use the platform to cross the space chasm
The big room you enter at the end of the hallway contains two stone golems which you need to kill, then stand in the center of the room until the platform lifts you
At the top, jump across to the big ledge, then jump to the smaller ledge on the right to grab the key
If you need some health, jump to the big ledge again, then jump down to the smaller ledge on the left for a health potion (shoot for the 3x first so that you can use the other potions laters)
Again use the platform to jump to the big ledge, then enter the teleporter
Save the game in the room you arrive to, then head out the door and go to the right side of the space rock you are on (careful not to fall off the edge)
Jump across to the space rock in the distance (you may want to sniper the golem guarding that rock)
Once you arrive, another golem attacks you, after dealing with him flip the switch on the back side of one of the columns
Climb onto the teleport ledge and you'll either be teleported back to the room with the save buffer, or onto a smaller space rock on the other side of the first rock
Either way, you want to be on this smaller space rock (the one with the attacking tree and the stone statue)
From the smaller rock, jump to the larger rock across the ways (again, you may want to sniper kill the golem there)
On this larger rock, go around the corner to the left side of the door to find a lock, and use your key to open the door
The door opens slowly, and a bike cop appears, so you'll need to do some fancy shooting and fancy footwork to preserve as much health as possible before getting through the door
Quickly jump into the room with the big bay door and pick off the spiders as they come
Now exit the room out to the rocks, turn left and enter the pod for a recharge and save
Head back to the bay door room, flip the switch, and enter the golem armory
Take care of the golems on the window ledge first, then head down to the lower floor to collect some ammo, then take care of the new golems that show up
Use your fist or a weapon to activate the floor switch, then go back up the stairs and follow the ledge all the way around to the door, and follow that path all the way back to the outside
Jump back to the first rock, enter the save buffer room, and enter the revealed teleporter
Back in the large room, ride the center platform up and jump to the big ledge
Enter the newly revealed corridor and step in the teleporter
Flip the switch in the corridor you teleported to to lower the platform, and use the platform to go up (you're now in the room you started the level in)
Head back towards the big room, walk on the ledge across space, but instead of going into room (which is now locked), make a u-turn and go straight down that center aisle and enter the portal where the Reina Siniestra card is kept
Grab the card and then stand on the portal to teleport to the next level
Eye Candy / Extras
After visiting the first pod, come back out towards the left and a new area is revealed which leads to a room with extra phaser paks
If you fall into the space chasm between buildings, you'll be close enough to the structure that the automated recovery teleporters will transport you to a secret basement to the octogon room (use the switch to get out)
On the rock with the armory, be sure to check out the window view next to the pod, and you'll get a glimpse of the Reina Siniestra