Anahl Nathraq
That moment you have been dreading (or looking forward to) throughout the game has now arrived. Welcome aboard the Reina Siniestra, Morgana's flagship. As you teleport between the ship and the city of Jahala down on Earth, you will encounter all kinds of resistance, including Morgana and Mauvair. Good luck Commander!
Starting off in the Reina Siniestra, do an about-face, and go through the door in front of you (takes you to the bridge)
You have some help from the brigade in taking out the GATs, then flip both switches on each side of the door
Start to exit the bridge, notice the GAT's attacking from the main corridor, retreat to the bridge and let the brigade fight them, when they enter the bridge, finish them off
Exit the bridge, turn to the right, and then enter through the door on your right to find a recharge, save term, and a schematic of the Reina Siniestra (Organic Enhancer room)
Exit this room, go through the door on the right into the De-magnitizer room
Take the platform down to the lower deck, follow the corridor around to the right, and look for the crack in the wall on the left side (leads to a pod)
Enter the pod for a Merlin terminal and oxygen recharge
Head back upstairs walk towards the entrance to the bridge, continue past it and go through the door on the left
Push the hand switch, ride the platform up and fight
Now look for the switch on the ship side, center wall, and use your SAP card (from The Keep) to activate the switch
Head back down, recharge and save, then head down the main corridor, past the two big bays, until you reach an opened corridor on the right
Head down the corridor, take the platform down, and take either door out to the large arena (you may want to retreat and pick them off as they come for you)
Eventually you need to take out the SPAM down there, and the plasma shot or phaser do a pretty good job
Jump down into the arena, enter the pod, and get teleported down to Jahala
You are now in the Jahala office building, go through the door and use the save buffer in the next room
Go through the door near the save term, pass through the conference room and exit the door on the other side
Turn right, then turn left towards the elevators
Near the left elevator is a Merlin terminal to read, then go back to the right elevator to head downstairs
Exit the building onto the sidewalk, and immediately turn left, then left down the ally
At the end, turn left down the next ally and look for a 2x recharge on the wall on the right
The ally dumps out into a street, take that street to the end and turn left (You on now on Media Dr)
Go to the end (you've now circled the building) and go back into the Jahala Office Building, take the elevator up, and return to the room you started in (save your game on the way)
Jump out the window onto the building ledge across the street
Go to your left, then follow the ledge around to the right, and jump across to the ledge on the next building
Follow this ledge to the right, going by the Qwiktyme Foundry across the street, at the corner jump across to the black building, land on the ledge between the top and bottom of the building (if you don't make it in, try again or look for another way in the Extras section)
Circle around the back by the brick wall with the 2x recharge, look towards the center column and open the secret door which is the brightly lit panel
Follow the corridor half way into the Power Grid room, and turn to the right
Use a weapon (like the crossbow) to trigger the switch on the wall over the power grid (if the door shuts, sidestep either way and come back, and it will open again)
You have now released a boat load of GATs, as well as Mauvair and Morgana, so you must now fight and kill everything, including the laser turret on the corner of Main St and Fynulkut Ave
After killing everything, back into the Jahala offices, take the elevator up, then go to the other elevator to find a partially fitted teleporter pod (you'll be teleported back to the Reina Siniestra)
There will be some additional fighting to do on the ship, after cleared return to the pod on the lower deck to exit the level
Eye Candy / Extras
On the Reina Siniestra, going down the main corridor from the bridge, open 1st door on the left for a nice ammo stash
Visit the bay on the left, Cargo Bay 2-043, and another bay, Cargo Bay 1-042, opens up with a horde and some ammo and some barrels holding plasma
Go back to Cargo Bay 2-043 and walk up the stairs, go through the vent, follow the tubes until you drop down a disabled lift chute, and you're now in the corridor where the future pod is
Visit the bay on the right, Cargo Bay 2-042, and walk up the stairs, go through the vent, follow the tubes until you find a platform on the right, take the platform down to the bathing area (water vials in the tub), exit out into the corridor with the future pod
In the large arena, before jumping down, walk around the ledge to collect some goodies, do a circle jump off the ledge at the end to trigger more goodies, and land back on the ledge to get them (or come back and get them later)
After returning from Jahala, be sure to visit the Security Bridge at the end of the main corridor
In Jahala, in the office building, after passing through the conference room, continue down the hall past the elevators and open the closet at the end, and flip the switch to turn on the building lights
If you want some exercise, then instead of taking the elevator, go down to the opposite end of the hallway and take the stairs
Up in the office with the save term, jump out the window to land on a rooftop containing dachron ammo
Another way to get to the Power Grid catwalk is by taking Main St, turn left on Fynulkut, go up the stairs on the right side of the overpass, take the catwalk all the way to the Power Grid
In the Power Grid room, ground floor, walk to the back room, the Modulation Control Center, and there is a save term there
There are two teleporters in the Power Grid room:
One takes you to the roof of the building on Main St and Fynulkut by the overpass, contains phaser ammo, a switch which activates the platform down which (that you can take through an office corridor down some stairs and into the repair shop across from the Jahala Office Building), and an exit to the catwalk overpass
The other takes you to the rooftop across from the Jahala office containing the save term
The repair shop across the street from the Jahala office building contains water vials mixed in with the junk
On the ledge around the black building where the Power Grid catwalk begins there is a 2x recharge as well as barrels filled with plasma ammo
After de-activating the power grid (did you watch the power grid board?), both the Qwiktyme Foundry and Forensic Heights buildings open (eye candy), as well as two street huts
You need to get on the ledge again to get into Forensic Heights, and there is a secret terminal in there, missiles, as well as an elevator which takes you to the roof
There is a missile pak in both the streets huts as well as the Qwiktyme Foundry, and there are some water vials in the Modulation Control Center