El Fin
As the level name indicates, you have reached the end! Merlin has returned to his own time period, but has left you some fun programs to play with while you are on a course back to Earth.
Back in Sickbay on Kronos, recharge, save, read the terminal, and exit out to the main corridor
Turn left and open the door to the lift (do not flip the emergency switch, it moves the elevator, so if you do you need to flip it a few more times to bring it back)
Take the lift up to the top, walk around the counter in engineering to activate the terminal module, read the term, save in the panel on the wall, then enter into the holodeck suite area
Visit the first holodeck (shooting gallery)
Visit the second holodeck, kill the archers and sorcerers in the throne room, then take the side door into the Knight arena, activate the switch on the wall, let the battle royal begin
Visit the 3rd holodeck, open the window and use your crossbow to activate the switch in the rock, then close the window (you can play with the Spewie for awhile if you like)
The switch opens another door in there to a battle in progress between the brigade and the snipers
Return to the holodeck suite area, take the lift in the center of the room down, follow the corridor to the main bridge, flip the pedestal switch to activate the terminal, and use the terminal to engage warp speed and return home
Eye Candy / Extras
When taking the lift from Sickbay to Engineering, stop half way and visit a whole new section of Kronos, includes a holding cell, a big control room with pads containing weapons and ammo, a perimeter corridor, thruster corridor, and a vent leading back to the lift
If you drop into the Knight arena before activating the switch, walk between the two columns and the floor drops out, use the teleporter to get out
If you drop into the Knight arena after the battle has begun, you can enter either column to teleport to other locations:
One column teleports you to the bleachers
The other column teleports you to an armor alcove in a room full of armor which exits behind the throne on the balcony overlooking the Knight arena