When I try to run the game, I get the following error: "Error: Aleph One couldn't initialize the sound. Error ID: -2004." What do I do?

Locate the "Audio MIDI Setup" program in your Applications->Utilities folder. In Audio MIDI Setup, set the output sound rate to 44100 Hz. Alternately, you might try upgrading OS X to 10.4.9, and that may fix the problem as well.

Why can I no longer Cmd-Tab out of EMR?

AlephOne Mac SDL in "fullscreen" mode does not allow Cmd-Tabbing out of the game. You can, however, switch out by pausing (if in solo play) or switching to windowed mode (in either solo or net play). To pause use Cmd-P, or to switch to windowed mode use Cmd-Return, then press Cmd-Tab. In windowed mode, you can Cmd-Tab out (you can also Cmd-Tab out in any mode when playing the NIBs version.

How do I jump to a specific level in Mac EMR?

Use Opt-Cmd-Embark to get a list of all levels, and then click on the level you want to jump to. Proceed only if you agree with the Oath of Knighthood.

When playing EMR, Mac SDL version, the game sometimes gets paused and the Spotlight prompt pops up. What causes this, and how can I prevent it?

This is caused by a combination of settings. The default keyboard settings for the firing triggers in EMR is Spacebar for primary, and Command key for secondary. Pressing both keys at the same time sometimes gets treated as a Cmd-Spacebar, which is the Mac OS X default shortcut for activating Spotlight. This is only captured if you are playing in windowed mode. To prevent this from happening, you can do any of the following:

  1. Use Cmd-Enter and switch to fullscreen mode, or
  2. Change your Spotlight preferences to either de-activate shortcut keys for Spotlight, or change your shortcut keys to something else (something you wouldn't press while playing), or
  3. Change your EMR preferences to use a different key for one or both of your firing triggers.

The EMR cheat codes on the Mac PPC work with the SHIFT key, but that does not work on the Intel Macs. How do you use the EMR cheat codes on Mac Intel?

Although the official key modifier for EMR for cheat codes is the SHIFT key, the SDL version of Aleph One does not support this feature. Hence, the Mac Intel version uses the default Aleph One key, which is the CONTROL key.