When I restore from a saved game, the game behavior appears to be broken. Music often doesn't play, holodecks don't work, and other things don't work as well. How can I fix this?

The problem: Restoring from saved games kills all of the imbedded MML and Lua code, which basically makes the current level stop working properly (subsequent levels work fine, until you restore from a saved game again). You can also see similar problems when restoring after dying. 

The cause: The Windows installer was created with a map name of "Quest", but Aleph One requires that the map name have a .sceA suffix. You can play the game from the beginning and everything seems fine, but as soon as you resume from a saved game, the current level loses the imbedded MML and Lua. 

The fix: Users that have already downloaded the 6/2/07 Windows installer can fix the problem themselves. Follow these instructions: 

  1. Open the Program Files/EMR folder
  2. Rename the map file from "Quest" to "Quest.sceA"
  3. Open the Scripts folder
  4. Use Wordpad to edit the file "emr v2.0.mml"
  5. Near the top of the file, make the following change:
    <string index="5">Quest</string>
    Should be:
    <string index="5">Quest.sceA</string>

After making these changes, run the EMR application, and be sure that Quest.sceA is selected as the map file under Preferences/Environment. To ensure that the old saved game works properly, restore from the saved game, re-save at the same place, exit game, and restore again.

NOTE: A new EMR Windows installer will be available on 6/8/07 that resolves this issue. This will be a replacement installer, so if you've already downloaded EMR for Windows, the instructions above may be easier than downloading a new installer.

On Windows, what is the default secondary fire key?

The default key configurations for EMR are derived from the Macintosh release, and on the Mac, the secondary fire key is the Command key. This key gets invalidated on Windows, so you must go into Preferences and configure the keyboard controls to set a secondary fire key.

How do I jump to a specific level in Windows EMR?

Use Ctrl-Shift-Embark to get a list of all levels, and then click on the level you want to jump to. Proceed only if you agree with the Oath of Knighthood.

On Windows, when I leave the game while playing, and then return to the game, the screen around the game window is no longer black. Instead, it shows the desktop continuously flashing. Is there a work around?

This is a known OpenGL problem in the Aleph One engine. Hit alt-enter a couple times, and this will create a new OpenGL context and should work around the problem.

The EMR beta showed up in my Start menu, and came with an uninstaller, but the official release did not. How to I launch the game, and how do I uninstall?

The official release installer placed the EMR game folder in your "Programs" folder on your main hard drive, and a shortcut to the EMR application on your desktop. To play, simply double-click on the EMR short cut. To uninstall, simply drag the EMR folder and the desktop shortcut to the recycling bin.

The EMR cheat codes on the Mac PPC work with the SHIFT key, but that does not work on the PC. How do you use the EMR cheat codes on Windows?

Although the official key modifier for EMR for cheat codes is the SHIFT key, the SDL version of Aleph One does not support this feature. Hence, the Windows version uses the default Aleph One key, which is the CONTROL key.