Game Controls

KEYBOARD: Once you have successfully installed EMR 3.0, double-click on the EMR application to play the game. EMR 3.0 uses it's own default keys for game navigation, defined as follows:

Forward Keypad 8
Backward Keypad 5
Turn left Keypad 4
Turn right Keypad 6
Glance left Keypad 7
Glance right Keypad 9
Sidestep left Keypad 1
Sidestep right Keypad 3
Look up Up Arrow
Look down Down Arrow
Look straight ahead Keypad 0
Map mode toggle Keypad . (period)
Next weapon Keypad +
Prev weapon Keypad -
Primary Trigger Space-bar
Secondary Trigger Command
Action A
Swim/Walk S
Run mode toggle Caps Lock

All of the above keys can be changed. To change the keys, click on Preferences from your game menu, then choose Controls, then "Configure Keyboard".

NOTE: There is no "Command" key on PC keyboards, so if you are playing on a PC, be sure to change the keyboard configuration for the secondary trigger to a PC key (such as the "Alt" key).

The following keys are important to know, and these cannot be re-configured:

F1 Decrease main-display size
F2 Increase main-display size
F3 Toggle pixel-doubled software rendering
F4 Reload OpenGL textures
F5 Switch chase cam from left side to right side and vice versa
F6 Toggle chase cam (third-person mode)
F7 Toggle tunnel-vision mode (snipervision mode)
F8 Toggle crosshairs
F9 Take screenshot
, Lower volume
. Increase volume

NOTE: If you are using NIBs on Mac, or SDL on Mac in "Windowed" mode, be sure to disable the Expose keys; otherwise, keys F9-F12 will not work as expected.