EMR Difficulty Levels

• Jester (Easiest)
• Apprentice
• Squire
• Knight
• Champion (Toughest)

As in other Marathon/Aleph One scenarios, your enemies are weaker in the easier levels. Sometimes the engine will swap out enemies with weaker enemies (such as replacing the tougher Blonde Archer with the less strong Redhead Archer). Sometimes, it will reduce the number of enemies altogether. Also, in EMR, the easier levels incorporate some special Lua coding in some levels, such as giving you more time in timed missions, etc..

If you're new to this genre of game, we suggest you start at Jester or Apprentice level. If you're new to EMR, but have played first-person shooters, Squire is a good starting point. When you think you are up to the challenge, try replaying the scenario at Knight or Champion for a more serious challenge.

Forward into battle!