EMR 3.0 comes with several net levels to challenge your friends and family. You can play with up to 8 players. To play a net game, your computers must be networked either on a local network (LAN), or on the internet (WAN). This page provides an overview of net games. You can get more help by choosing a sub-topic.

For a network game, one player hosts the game, while the other players join.

Local Network (LAN):

The host chooses Gather Netgame from the menu, and the others choose Join Netgame.

Internet (WAN):

To play on the internet, the host chooses Gather Netgame as above, but before doing so, the host should find out what his/her IP address is, and share that with all players wishing to join. Those joining the game should click on Join Netgame, check the "Join by address" checkbox, and enter in the host's IP address.

Network Chat:

To chat during a game, use the \ key, type your message, and press return. The text will be sent to all players and displayed for a short time.

Network Firewalls:

If you want to host a game, and you are behind a firewall, you will need to forward TCP and UDP port 4226.

NOTE: The screen shots on the following Network setup pages are taken from the NIBs version of EMR. The SDL version has slightly different screens, but the general behavior is the same.