On the network setup screen, you can change your name and specify your color. If you click on the "Allow teams" option, you can also choose a team color. The default map is "Quest.sceA", the main EMR map. If you want to use a different map, click on the "Map" button and choose the map file. Be sure that the map you choose is set up to be used in the EMR world.

Use the Level popup menu to select which net level you want to play.

Use the Game popup menu to choose the game type.

Use the Difficulty popup menu to establish the difficulty settings for EMR characters (aka, "Aliens"). This is only applicable when the "Aliens" checkbox is checked. It does not have any effect on how well your human opponents will play.

Choose the radio box for the method of determining when the game is completed. It can be "Untimed" (play forever), "Time Limit" (you set the number of minutes), or "Score Limit" (first one to reach the score ends the game).

You may also choose any of the optional checkboxes:

"Aliens" - if the net level includes EMR characters, this activates them (otherwise, only human players are in the game)
"Allow Teams" - allows you to play on teams, and activates the team color popup
"Dead Players Drop Items" - when checked, your held weapons are dropped where you die
"Advertise game on Internet" - your netgame will show up on the AlephOne metaserver so others can see it
"Disable Motion Sensor" - turns off the motion sensor
"Penalize Dying" - every time you die, there is a 10 second wait before you respawn
"Penalize Suicide" - every time you commit suicide, there is a 15 second wait before you respawn

NOTE: "Every Man for Himself" is a game type that represents each player fighting for the most number of kills. The game engine only gives you a kill credit for other net players (not the EMR monsters). There are other game types available from the "Game" popup menu, but these game types have not been tested in EMR, and are therefore not supported. Use at your own peril.