Shaken by the attack on her son, Morgana retreats to the future to plot her final revenge. Before going after her, our hero must first return to Kronos to prevent Kronos technology from falling into the wrong hands. With the ship's self-destruct activated, the race to secure the ship and de-activate the self-destruct module begins. The battle includes a space walk to the orbiter pad, a horrific fight in the science lab, and an extensive and complete cleansing of the starship. Research in the ship's library provides much needed insight on the events to come.

After saving Kronos, the next adventure involves travelling sidewards in time, to a place on Earth where droids and sewer creatures roam the land. The place is the old WorldSoft region, whose land was recently acquired by an unruly sorceress with an appetite for revenge. Fighting through the war-torn streets leads to Morgana's headquarters. The security system prevents entry past the headquarters lobby, so in order to shutdown the security system, the TABO security control center must first be disabled. Merlin teleports our hero to the waters of Wysiwyg where Forraje, slain leader of the WorldSoft Empire, once lived. Deactivating Forraje's old TABO security protocol reveals a passage to the secret underground security control station.