The underground security control station operates the force fields throughout the old WorldSoft Empire of Santa Rinascita, including the shields securing Morgana's headquarters. The station is heavily guarded by Ground Assault Troopers (GATs), Hover Troopers, Hover Bike Cops, and a pair of powerful Suburban Patrol/Attack Mechas (SPAMs). Shutting down the primary shield generator in the control station provides access to the headquarter elevators. The headquarters must be infiltrated by way of the Spewie infested sewer system which leads to the headquarter boiler room. The battles surrounding the siege of headquarters are intense. Success is achieved once the self-destruct system is activated. Borrowing a trooper hoverbike, our hero must escape the area before the destruct charges ignite.

Next is the infiltration of Morgana's droid-controlled manufacturing plants used for mass production of mechanical military units (such as GATs and SPAMs). The plant is guarded by creatures from all time periods. The Graviton Dynamo where the switches that control the plant reside is heavily guarded. The machinery in the Dynamo also present a visual danger, as most organic creatures are unable to stomach the visual chaos of moving parts. The success of shutting down the plant leaves just one step between our hero and Morgana. In order to gain access to Morgana's flagship, the Reina Siniestra, an access card must be retrieved from a remote space colony known as The Keep. The Keep is guarded by just a few, albeit extremely powerful Stone Golem snipers.