Morgana's Lair

With most of the remaining sorcerers won over, Merlin teleports our hero to the evil forest surrounding Morgana's castle, dark and treacherous, full of unwanted surprises. In the center of the forest a secret cave leads to Morgana's castle. The castle is circled by a ring of fire and heavily guarded by skull snakes and a Winged Fire Beast. The persistent assault on her soldiers, coupled with the invasion of her castle, throws Morgana into a fury. She becomes temporarily distracted from her plot to exploit the powers of the actinium crystals, and instead focuses on hunting down the nuisance who has dared to step foot into her domain.

Successful in grabbing Morgana's attention, our hero must escape the castle. Merlin's teleportation signal, however, is interrupted, and the teleport destination is re-routed to a holding cell in the heart of Morgana's Lair. The cell, enveloped by an intricate maze, is surrounded by the dark and perverse breeding grounds of Morgana's magical beasts. "The Beast" of darkness lords over the land, spawning wickedness in every corner. Fortunately, many sorcerers join in the battle against evil. Will they be enough to help achieve victory?