The EMR story begins with a Prologue. This prologue level is intended to be a dream sequence that introduces you to the background story. The level places you on an elevator with views into the past, to Arthurian times. The first flashback reflects a time of peace and prosperity in Arthur's kingdom, a time before Morgana took her revenge. Kirin, champion archer of the Enchanted Forest, has a nightmare of Morgana attacking Camelot. As she awakes, the nightmare becomes reality. Morgana, Mordred and Mauvair, the Treacherous Trio, launch an all-out assault on Arthur and his kingdom. The climax of the battle is the massacre which occurs at the Mannehaum stronghold near the base of the mountain upon which Camelot stands. The second flashback reflects the horrors of this massacre, where each knight, archer and sorcerer are brutally put to death.

After waking from the Prologue dream, the actual EMR adventure begins on Kronos. Here the player is re-introduced to the AI Merlin who guided our brave marine through the battles against the space pirates in Devil in a Blue Dress. He now reveals that he is the Merlin of Camelot, sorcerer and friend to King Arthur. Merlin tells the story of Morgana's revenge, her rise to power, and the increasing threat she poses to mankind with her newly found, albeit slightly unstable, ability to time travel. If she retrieves some rare actinium crystals from the Jurassic time period, the result could be catastrophic. The mission, quite simply, is to stop Morgana.