Exploring the Reina Siniestra uncovers an eerie presence, yet there is no sign of Morgana. After a few entanglements with the forces on board the ship, a teleportation pod transports our hero to the heart of Jahala, a city once inhabited by the work force of WorldSoft. The streets are crawling with military units and exploding Forraje clones. The eastern region of the city contains the primary power grid that must be disabled to effectively cripple Morgana's forces. Unfortunately, disabling the grid also beckons the evil which lurks in locked office buildings. There are a handful of Fighter Brigades that have managed to come to aide in the fighting, and if our hero made a special friend on an earlier task, there may also be some Marine Cadets on the way. The final showdown commences when our hero takes on an onslaught of GATs, SPAMs, bike cops, laser turrets, and Mauvair and Morgana. Here, in Jahala, Morgana makes her final stand.

After securing the Reina Siniestra, Merlin teleports our hero back to Kronos and bids him farewell. During the long journey home, a number of holodeck programs are available to our hero as entertainment. Finally reaching Earth, and returning to Federation Headquarters, there is one final task at hand: to return Excalibur to the enchanted waters and help Merlin return to Avalon.