As the battles with knights, sorcerers and archers continues, and the story unfolds, Merlin discovers that many of the sorcerers would prefer to escape Morgana's evil clutches. They are searching for one brave soul who will lead them to salvation. Winning the sorcerers over requires nothing less than invading the Dark Forest and laying siege to the sorcerer's castle, both of which are occupied by the evil archers. Some of the archers in the castle seem nearly invincible. What could be the magic behind that?

The castle must be conquered to impress the sorcerers so that they will abandon Morgana and join the forces of good. However, there exists a band of rogue sorcerers who seem determined to fight for evil. These sorcerers must be hunted down in the Tower of Malhechor. The tower presents a most eerie and unpredictable environment, where evil seems to lurk behind every corner. Unlocking the mysteries of the tower reveals a path to the top where the rogue sorcerers are met in a climatic battle.