EMR Time Line

Known Recorded Events

2290 Present day
2289 Diablo Pirate raids began
2285 T9000 railgun invented
2273 Hightech upgraded to incorporate plasma bursts (EMF4000d)
2270 Morgana assumes control of WorldSoft's fallen coporate empire
2269 Kronos set out on a 30 year mission of exploring the space time continuum
2268 Fall of Worldsoft Empire
Unknown begins to acquire Worldsoft property
Kronos upgraded to Class B exploration vessel
2267 Starship Kronos built
SPAM production began
Alpha Merlin starbase is built
Red dwarf SAO 71292541 discovered
2266 First prototype of Hightech missile launcher (EMF4000a)
2265 GAT production began
2263 Time-traveling properties of Actinium crystals discovered
2262 Federation A.I. "Merlin" self-perpetuates
2259 Worldsoft Library renamed to Davenport Library
2258 Worldsoft coup (Forraje assassinated)
2251 First holodeck is constructed
First sleep chamber is constructed
2250 Forraje clone project flops, cyborg clones manufactured
2245 Forraje Clone project begins
2240 Forraje moves to Wysiwyg, establishes TABO security system
2238 Quebec renamed to Wysiwyg
2237 Supersonic titanium radon phaser gun invented
2236 The Hilo Incident; The city of Hilo is attacked by Anacreon guerillas
2234 Forraje begins buying up property in Quebec, Canada
2232 RIKEM strike destroys Anacreos
2231 Forraje pushes RIKEM missile attack to end Anacreon war
2215 Dachron mini-gun invented
2214 Earth/Anacreon War began
2204 Studies began on Dachronian fluid mechanics
Worldsoft A.I. "Tiny" implemented
2180 Planet Dachronia discovered
Daniel Davenport born
COPRE begins study of Dachronian minerals
First successful Federation light speed space exploration mission
2127 Great Flood of Canada
2095 Snyper gun invented

Estimated Medieval Events ~851 - 900 A.D.

Morgana learns the Charm of Making
Merlin imprisoned by Charm of Making
Mauvair emerges as Morgana's Master Sorceror
Quest Knights search for the Holy Grail
The Mannenhaum Massacre and Siege of Camelot
Merlin transports to the future
Mordred claims Castle Graeden

Estimated Medieval Events ~800 - 850 A.D.

Excalibur is forged
Uther Pendragon ascends the throne
Arthur ascends the throne
Merlin builds Camelot
Mordred is born to Morgana and Arthur
Merlin courts Hazelle in Avalon
Morgana is banished from Camelot

Estimated Jurassic Events ~100 Million B.C.

Actinium crystals flourish on Earth
The Grog species develop language
The Grog invent the spear
Morgana makes contact with the Hakawa and Timbawa Grog clans

Beginning of Time

Earth is formed
The Beast spawns