Platinum Blade Knuckles

Throughout most of the 20th century, brass knuckles were used by mafioso and other thugs as a means of brutalizing their victims. They were considered more convenient than weapons such as guns and knives; and were quieter, less messy, and often much less expensive. However, they were considered an ugly weapon by the common citizen, who still preferred handguns and rifles.

The high-tech revolution of the 21st century saw significant advances in modern weaponry. The new weapons were more powerful, but required rare minerals and materials for ammunition. Before long, the ammunition required by these new weapons out-priced the weapons themselves.

As older weapons became defunct, utilizing the newer weapons actually became too expensive, excepting weapons that did not require ammunition. Brass knuckles were one such weapon, and their popularity grew. Advances in platinum processing led to the invention of the platinum knuckles. The Federation then introduced the dual knuckle blades. By sharpening the inside edges of the blades, they were safer for the owner, and more deadly for the opponent. Heavier and more durable than their brass predecessors, it was not long before they became standard issue for all Federation troops.

It has been argued that the modern military machine, using off-planet mining in combination with super-scale industrial-age metallurgy, has progressed full circle: from the ancient exploitation of stone, bronze, and iron; to a modern 'Platinum Age' not limited by natural resources or individual craftsmanship (see Haufield et al, 437).