Also known as the Sword of Power, and wielded by King Arthur, Excalibur is a medieval sword of unmeasurable properties. It is foretold that this magical sword was forged by God, and rose from an enchanted lake sometime during the Dark Ages.

First wielded by Lord Uther, Excalibur was thrust into a stone rock during the fall of Uther's reign. For years, no man could release the sword from the stone. The Sorcerer Merlin proclaimed that he who freed the sword from the stone would become king. Years later, a young apprentice by the name of Arthur, son of Uther, came across the sword and, unaware of its power, freed the sword from the stone. Arthur became King, and used the power of Excalibur to unite the lands.

Excalibur has special properties of being invincible, and can conjure up enough power to emit lightning bursts when called upon. The sword draws its power from the enchanted waters of Avalon.

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