EMF4000-g Hightech

The "Hightech" weapon is the kind of "black hole" project into which taxpayers' money disappears. Still in development, it has many kinks that need to be ironed out.

Model EMF4000 is first and foremost a missile launcher that holds two missiles. It uses a triangulated exhaust system for rapid cooling, which allows repeated reloading and refiring without stressing the frame.

An enhanced version of this weapon, the EMF4000-g, utilizes the exhaust chambers to fire superheated plasma bursts in groups of three. The weapon contains it own self-replenishing power supply, though a steady supply of raw material is needed to create the plasma. Sealed 'plasma packs' were fabricated for this purpose.

Only three men under the President of the UEFC know of the Hightech's existence: the Secretary of the Navy, the Commandant of the Marines, and the Head of the UECIA. The Commandant has granted knowledge of the weapon, and the use of prototype units, to the Kronos EEC to be used in cases of UEFC security. As far as you are concerned, this weapon does not exist.