Federation Light Saber

The concept of the Light Saber has been around since the pre-teleport era. Conceived as a fictional weapon, the design was dismissed as impractical. However, the concept stuck in the minds of many, and was never completely forgotten.

Originally laid out by a benign mental patient in the early 22nd Century, the blueprints were re-discovered by a wealthy tinkerer. Using massive amounts of his fortune to machine the necessary tools and components, the tinkerer, whose name has been lost to posterity, overcame the incredible obstacles inherent in creating a completely new form of weapon. The very limited production weapons were eventually snatched up as oddities, rather than practical weapons.

The Federation restarted production of the Light Saber in 2212. It was commissioned as a means of allowing crew members of naval ships the ability to fight Anacreon boarders in confined access shafts. Approximately 1000 were produced before the Federation suffered a crippling lawsuit from the estate of a movie producer from the mid-20th century. Due to a computer error, the applicable trademarks were never revoked, and the prosecuting lawyers were quick to take advantage. What had been a weapon of average expense is now remarkably pricey due to the court-assigned royalties. The Federation only produces a few Light Sabers per year now, and they are quickly requisitioned.


TO: All Marines
FROM: Armory Officer N. Chamot
RE: Light Saber training

If you are assigned a mission necessitating the assignment of a Light Saber, it is advised that you first take the Federation Close Combat Course #4700X-5 and the Federation Exotic Weapons Course #1272P-0. If possible, request one-on-one training with your Squad Sergeant.