DT Snyper Pistol

The standard issue marine sidearm uses an advanced technology known as gaussian acceleration. Gaussian acceleration takes the principle of linear particle accelerators and applies it to large masses of matter, achieving 10 orders of magnitude more magnetic flux density. Each pair of "floater coils" emits a magnetic charge, which alternates between pairs. As the bullet travels through each pair, it accelerates. In the Snyper pistol, the bullet leaves the barrel at an approximate velocity of 7,500 feet per second, a speed greater than would be possible with chemical propellants. Equivalent muzzle velocity increases with barrel length, a concept that has been put in practice, for example, in the famous "Long Arrow" sniper's rifle and the feared Damocles anti-armor rail gun.

The DT Snyper is the latest in a long line of distinctive weaponry developed for the UEFC Marines by LockMart-Boeing-DuPont. It was a derivative of the original gauss sidearm, and was named after the man who invented gaussian acceleration, Derrick "The Twist" Trimble. The design criteria for the Snyper was to create a weapon that exceeded the original gauss's range, velocity and potency, and was at least 20% lighter. The designers at LockMart-Boeing-DuPont used the gauss as a base, and the only visible difference is a slightly longer barrel and beefier grip. Internally, the weapon has undergone many improvements, eliminating the problem with loss of energy when firing multiple rounds, and improving the effectiveness of the exponential balancing mechanism. These improvements help the user keep the gun aimed directly at the same target, round after round. In order to achieve all of the requirements set forth in the design criteria, special composite metals and polymers were used to increase the stiffness and decrease the weight of the weapon.

The DT's light weight and enhanced aiming precision make it feasible for marines to carry and operate two at once. When fired together, two Snypers can rain such a barrage of bullets with such great accuracy that the force far exceeds that of the Damocles anti-armor rail gun. All the benefits of the original gauss still exist, but this revision overcomes some of the gauss's shortcomings. The composite polymers and metals that are used in the Snyper give it an excellent balance between durability and efficiency. Due to the short supply of the composite polymers and metals needed for this weapon, the Snyper is reserved for Federation troops and government assassins. The Snyper is arguably the best sidearm ever developed.