Magic Staff

Wands were fabled devices of sorcerers and wizards during medieval times. No weapon of such magical properties had been scientifically verified to exist until your visit to the Camelot period.

The magic staff used by Merlin was constructed to cast two types of spells. The primary spell is a potent ball of fire which can be catapulted to distances up to 300 yards. The fireball will incinerate those in the vicinity of its landing zone, and is extremely effective against archers given their smaller size and flammable attire.

The secondary spell is a slow, freezing spiral, whose gravity defiance gives it unlimited range. Once it reaches its target, it disperses into an icy, subzero-temperature gas which paralyzes most organic forms. Though freezing spirals are less accurate than fireballs, a skilled user can produce three spirals for every fireball. A room filled with freezing gases is difficult to escape.

The Sorcerer caste in many feudal systems employs magic staffs in their arsenal. Each staff is infused with a finite amount of magical energy, so once your staff has petered out, replacing it will be necessary. Mastering these powers, and acquiring additional staff powers, requires the user to memorize the words of a spell. Such spells are poorly documented; often a given castle will closely guard a single shred of parchment that gives its magic users a particular power. Such spells that are known include Giant Stomp, Raise the Dead, Teleportation, and Fire Storm.